24th November 2020

My Perfect Saddle

drawing of lower back

Prologo MyOwn PerfectSaddle is a biomechanical system that allows you to choose the saddle that best suits your physiology and riding style. 

The width of ischial bones, lumbar flexibility and BMI are measured, which along with your riding style and activity suggests your perfect saddle.

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Importantly all the saddles come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Please see https://www.chickencyclekit.co.uk/prologosaddle.php for full terms and Conditions.

This service is free with any Prologo Saddle order.

You can check out the range of Prologo Saddles at https://www.prologo.it/en.

Call 07583 589589 to book your fitting now!

A selection of available saddles:

Bicycle Saddles
Bicycle Saddles
Bicycle Saddles
Bicycle Saddles