Bicycles on stands in a workshop

Cytech Technical Skills Upgraded

One of the key elements for any professional is to make sure your skills are continually developing. So I have recently completed my Cytech Technical Three training. As they say on their website: “Cytech technical three is designed for advanced cycle mechanics with strong technical knowledge and experience working on high-end bicycles and equipment. Cytech Read more about Cytech Technical Skills Upgraded[…]

Merida Matts 40 Bicycle

Merida Matts gets new brakes

This Merida Matts 40 had the OEM Promax Dechipher hydraulic brakes, but they were sticking, noisy and rubbing – with an owner not wanting to use the bike. They felt as if they had been overfilled and an investigation showed that there was a lot of fluid in the system. But after adjustment the pistons Read more about Merida Matts gets new brakes[…]