3rd November 2015

Bike Build

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Whether you have bought your bike over the Internet or want a custom build from the frame upwards, having your bike built by a Cytech accredited mechanic ensures that it will be expertly assembled, with all parts correctly fitted and checked to ensure everything is working correctly.

Gears will be adjusted to ensure super smooth shifting, tyres pumped up the  to the correct pressures, brakes checked and all your bike’s nuts and bolts tightened to the manufacturers specifications.

Importantly it will be personally set it up for you – just the way you want it!

P.D.I (Pre-Delivery Inspection) for an already assembled brand new bike

Purchased a new bike from the internet? We will build your bike straight out from the box

Custom build (Please call to discuss your requirements 07 583 589 589)

From £22.00

From £35.00