16th November 2020

Bosch E-bike Servicing

Digital screen on bicycle handlebars

As a Bosch Diagnostic qualified mechanic I am able to perform a complete system diagnosis, identifying any possible malfunctions at an early stage, producing diagnostic reports and continuously optimising the functionality of your eBike providing optimum after-sales support and rapid assistance when problem occur.

What is Included: 

  • Perform a complete system diagnoses.
  • Optimise the functionality and stability of your Bosch eBike through software updates.
  • Adjust configuration data and configure your eBike according to your requirements
  • Generate Service Cases directly with Bosch when required.
  • Test functions of the ABS speed sensors

Service interval display

The system can be set to determine the service interval after a certain period of time and/or mileage When a service is due, a corresponding symbol will appear in your display to remind you of the next service appointment.

Diagnostic report

The diagnostic report documents the current status of a your eBike, and will be given to you after service has been completed so you can build a complete record of your service history.