‘Ellie-Mae’ Needs New Wheels

1930's Step Through Humber Bicycle

‘Ellie-Mae’ a step-through Hercules of mature years and a reluctance to stop came with a request to bring it up to daily use condition.

Bicycle Wheel Rusty

The wheels were rusted and worn and were the obvious place to start the refurb. A pair of new stirrup brake compatible wheels were sourced and an 18 tooth sprocket fitted.

Rod/Stirrup Brakes

The front rod/stirrup brake was less than optimum, so it was out with the straightening irons.

misaligned Cycle Forks

The front forks needed a bit of fettling as well.

Then a service, grease to replace the air that was lubricating the bearings, new tyres and tubes, a new chain, brake blocks and a good rub with some extra fine wire wool.

Now she is ready for the 21st Century…with that 1940’s vibe.

Hercules Step Through Cycle

Oh and now it stops.