Specialized Crossroads ‘Revived’

Spcialized Crossroads Bicycle in rusty condition

I received this Specialized Crossroads that didn’t look to bad from a distance, but up close you could see it was in a bit of a sorry state from having been left outside for quite a while. The chain was rusted solid to the rear cassette; the stem and handlebars had organically fused into the headset and the tyres and welded themselves to the rims.

Spcialized Crossroads Bicycle in rusty condition2015-08-20 11.07.42Spcialized Crossroads Bicycle in rusty condition

So after cleaning, scraping, soaking and polishing the parts that could be saved, adding a handful of new parts and some great help from Maz at Cardiff Cycle Workshop (a serious effort needed to free the stem and bottom bracket cup) they have a fully serviced, resurrected and usable cycle once more.

Specialised Crossroads cycle

Specialised Crossroads cycle

Parts replaced were:

  • New Continental TourRide tyres and Specialized inner tubes
  • New Bearings for the front and rear hubs
  • New bearings in the headset
  • New 6-speed cassette
  • New crankset
  • New sealed bottom bracket
  • New brake arms front and rear
  • New cables
  • New handlebar grips