Mongoose Hybrid Bicycle

Stop The Mongoose

This mongoose wasn’t stopping and upon inspection of the front Promax brake caliper, it was immediately obvious that the caliper return spring had snapped in half. Checking the bike over as part of a Tune-up service showed that the chain and cassette also needed replacing. I replaced the broken caliper with a Clarks CMD-17, fitted Read more about Stop The Mongoose[…]

Merida Matts 40 Bicycle

Merida Matts gets new brakes

This Merida Matts 40 had the OEM Promax Dechipher hydraulic brakes, but they were sticking, noisy and rubbing – with an owner not wanting to use the bike. They felt as if they had been overfilled and an investigation showed that there was a lot of fluid in the system. But after adjustment the pistons Read more about Merida Matts gets new brakes[…]